Monday, January 28, 2008

Life at the moment

Today was a beautiful, blustery day. It's January 28, 2008 and it was 60 degrees today. Last week it was a freezing 4 degrees. It's amazing how increasing temperatures can increase your spirits. The kids didn't even wear their coats. It just felt wonderful. Last night we found out that our prophet President Hinckley passed away. I was just so happy and grateful for all of the service he gave to our church. I laid in bed last night thinking of how great that reunion had to be with the savior, Joseph Smith and of course not lastly--his wife Marjorie. What a great moment! We celebrated him today for Family Home Evening. The kids helped me make a cake and we learned about the prophets-why we have them and who will be the next prophet. BJ taught the lesson and did a great job and I have to say that President Hinckley would have thought my cake was one of the moistest he'd tasted. I hope he liked chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Anyway, Cardon is going to be 8 in April and so will be baptized. This is a big deal and very exciting for him. He is a great kid except that he is going through a whiney stage that is nearly killing me right now. Brinly is in Kindergarten and so is going through a huge learning year. She is reading and doing very well and is having a great time making friends. She is a big help (really a second mom in the house). She loves to take care of her younger siblings and for the most part they love her help. When I am upset at Amelia she runs to Brinly to take care of her. It's pretty funny. Amelia is as sassy as ever. She brings a tremedous amount of humor to our family. Tonight as BJ was teaching his lesson about Pres. Hinckley she just kept telling every one that he is dead and then would fall down on the floor and play dead. You can't help but just laugh! She will be 3 in March. Jace is an angel baby. He is 13 months old now and as cute as ever. His hair has gone blond and he has huge blue eyes. He loves to laugh and cuddle and is a pure joy to be around. BJ is loving his job. It has turned out to be a bigger endevor than he expected but he says he's up to the challenge. He works for a construction company and is doing training on a software program. I am just treading water. I feel so busy all of the time. The kids have ballet/tap, gymnastics and basketball and so I am in the car a lot. It's always work to balance cleaning the house, playing with the kids, making meals, running errands, doing my church callings, and doing my hobbies like book club, knitting, exercising, etc. I love being a mom and I wouldn't trade it for the world but it is definately a busy life. Anyway, that is our family in a nut shell. It's going to be fun to continue this journal. It will answer important questions like "Will Cardon stop the incessant whining?" or "Will Amelia ever get potty trained?" I can't wait to discover the answers myself!!