Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deanna Rose Park

We have this wonderful free petting zoo/park/botanical garden here. The kids love to go and feed the goats, play on the playground, milk the cows, ride the ponies, etc. One thing we've never done is fish in the pond. A few weeks ago we met some friends there and one of them brought a fishing pole. My kids were in heaven. We were there for probably 2 hours and never left the pond. Jace mostly liked feeding the ducks (OK, I didn't buy any food and he was throwing them pebbles--but he thought he was feeding them). Amelia loved playing with her friends and I let her have a pony ride while Cardon and Brinly fished. It was such a fun afternoon.
We brought oatmeal butterscotch cookies to share. I was glad that they were gobbled up or I would have eaten them all afternoon. Lucy, Amelia and Emma Kate loved sittin' back, eating cookies and swinging on the swing. Good times!

The kids all took turns catching fish and then releasing them back into the pond. Cardon caught one. He was so proud. Notice Lucy in the background. She nearly wet her pants due to the excitement. Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Omaha zoo

A few weekends ago we took the kids to the Omaha Zoo with a few friends. We left as soon as school got out on Friday and made the 3 hour drive. When we got to the hotel BJ took the kids to the swimming pool so that they could get out all of their wiggles before bedtime. The kids were thrilled. In the morning we had breakfast and then headed to the zoo for a fun filled day.

This zoo had some amazing exhibits. The kids loved looking at all of the beautiful fish and sharks.
I bet you would have thought that this was a piece of sea weed. That's what I thought. It's actually a type of sea horse. Amazing!!!!

The butterfly exhibit was really cool. Butterfly's were everywhere. They were so beautiful.The snake kept sticking it's tongue out at us--right back at you buddy.

The Orangutan's were so fun to watch. They are so much like us and often remind me of my own little monkey's--my kiddo's (hangin' on my arms, being goofy, making funny faces, begging for food). I always wanted a monkey growing up---Now I've got 4!

We got ice cream once it heated up. Yummm!

Next it was time for the train. The kids kept yelling--Whoooo, Whooo!

Here are the Wallaces' and Jacobs'--a few of the delightful friends we spent the day with.
For the grand finale we saw a 3-D movie about the creatures of the ocean. It was absolutely amazing. Jace fell asleep during the movie and Amelia sat on my lap and kept saying "When are the fish going to stop coming out to get me?" It freaked her out a bit. It really was a cool movie.

We ended the day with a great meal at Cracker Barrel. We had such a fun weekend and can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brinly Bee's Birthday and Mother's Day!!!

Today Brinly and I got to share holidays. It was her 7th birthday and I got to celebrate giving birth to her as well as 3 other little Monkeys. We shared breakfast in bed together. It was delicious and I loved all of my Mother's Day love notes from the kids. During church the primary kids went up and sang a few Mother's Day songs (always makes me cry) and then it was time to go home and have a birthday party. BJ made dinner on the grill and then we got to sing to Brinly and let her blow out her candles. She helped make her own cake. I think she did a great job of decorating it. Then it was present opening time. She got a darling out fit from Grandma Carol, a jewelry box and paintable tea set from the kids and a walkie talkie and movie from us. For Mother's Day I got just what I wanted--a steam mop that I've been asking for for months. It was a wonderful day and it ended with BJ putting the kids to bed by himself and then giving me a foot rub after. He looked exhausted by bed time. Welcome to Motherhood!!!!!! (that's what I thought anyway--Ha! Ha!)


Friday, May 8, 2009

What are those kids saying?

Yesterday I was driving Amelia to pre-school and she did this giddy laugh and then said "I can't wait to get married!!!" I smiled and asked her why. Her reply----"Because then I can dance." Me--"Really, what do you think you'll wear on the day you get married?" Amelia--"A pink crown, Pink shoes, and a pink dress---so then I can match." Me--What do you think daddy will wear?" Amelia--"Boy pants, a boy tie and a boy shirt." Me--What will mommy wear?" Amelia-" A purple crown, pink shoes, and a green dress, I think." Me-- "Sounds pretty." Amelia--"It's going to be soooo pretty!" Me--How old do you think you'll be when you get married?" Amelia-- "I think I will be 5 years old. I'm going to get married and have babies and then you'll be the grandma and then I'm going to be a kid again." Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again!
Jace is constantly asking me what different sounds are. He might have super sonic hearing--I'm not sure yet. All day long I hear "What's that sound?" It a lawn mower Jace. What's that sound? It's a motor cycle Jace. What's that sound? It's thunder Jace. What's that sound? It's a weed wacker Jace. What's that sound? It's rain Jace. He seems to be a sponge right now--soaking up all information.

The Birthday Festivities Begin!!!!

Brinly's birthday happens to fall on Mother's Day this year. I'm happy to celebrate this day with her but decided to let her invite a few friends to the movies last night as a pre-birthday party. We went and saw the Hanna Montana Movie which I thought was very cute and then we came back to our house for a quick cupcake and present opening extravaganza. Brinly went to the store with me that day to pick out treats for the movie and had so much fun making the treat bags for her friends. She's growing up people--I think I've mentioned this before but it's all happening way tooooo fast!!!!
She had to have fun hair for her party and an new outfit for the summer. I could tell that she felt pretty. I love that feeling!
My friend Sara gave me this idea for the cupcakes. All you do is cut marshmallows into 5 pieces and put them on as petals with a lemon drop in the middle--beautiful spring flowers!

She has some great friends. I think everyone had a good time. Happy "early" birthday Brinly!!!!

Let it all hang out!!!!

Yesterday I ran upstairs to take a quick shower after the kids got home from school. I could hear them all laughing and playing outside--it was a beautiful day. I had probably been upstairs for 20-30 minutes and went down to check on them. I walked outside and this is what I saw! Jace was naked as a Blue Jay riding the scooter all over the back yard. I asked the kids if he had been naked the entire time and they said---YES! My mom used to tell me that when I was 2 I loved to be naked and would often wake up in the morning, take off all of my clothes, unlock the front door and walk up the street to my favorite babysitters house. She would get calls from all of the neighbors that I was outside and naked again. I wonder how my mom felt about that--was she embarrassed, did she think it was funny, was she frustrated that I kept getting out without her knowing it? Part of me thought it was pretty funny, part of me feels the need to call all of my neighbors with apologies for my 2 yr. old "flasher", and the other part feels like all I need now is an RV in my drive and a couch on my front porch!!!! Ha! Ha!