Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mother/Daughter Night at the Elementary School

Last night I got to take Brinly to the Mother/Daughter Night at the school. The theme was "Go Shopping". So we got all "sassied up" and met a few friends with their 1st grade girls for dinner at Noodles and Company and then headed to the school. We got to have our picture taken in a photo booth, watch High school Musical 2, exchange purses, adopt a pet (the girls all brought old stuffed animals that they could part with and then they got to choose a new one--same with the purses), get a manicure and massage, do a little dancing and then end the night with "Mrs. Field's Cookies". What A Night!!!!! I had so much fun hanging out with my little Brinly Bee.Great date night with the "little girly-girl".

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

A half a life-time ago there was BJ (16 years to be exact)and there was mewhich (the day before Valentine's Day our Junior year of high school).We went to dances together. We did homework together. We went on family vacations together. I loved him all the way back then--16 long years ago.And I saw him off on his mission to Cleveland, Ohio for 2 years. When he got back even a better BJ and hopefully I a better Karina----I married him.Now, 16 years later we have 2 boysand 2 girls.
And it's incredible to look back on half of my life and know that BJ was in it and I'm better because of it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Amelia says the darndest things!!!!

So, this afternoon I was snuggling with Amelia in my bed. Sometimes I will read to her in my bed if I'm really tired and hopeful that she might doze off so that I too can have a little cat nap while Jace sleeps. She was cuddled next to me and rubbing her feet on my calf. Suddenly her little head went under the covers and then she grabbed my calf. She popped back out from the covers and said "Mom, how come you have juice in your leg? You've got a lot of food in their, huh?" I'm not exactly sure what that meant but I'm thinking I better get to the gym tomorrow!!!!!!! Kids!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I must speak my mind!

I was talking with a friend yesterday who mentioned that her friend didn't like looking at people's blogs because they made her feel like a bad mom. I have heard this before and just wanted to talk this out. I am an everyday sort of mom. I can get frustrated easily, worn out even easier. I feel like I spend most of my time running the "family business" which means I do a lot, I mean a lot of cleaning, getting kids ready, feeding them, changing diapers, running kids here and there and everywhere, running errands, grocery shopping, making a budget--sticking with a budget, cooking food---cleaning up the food, etc. I am often tired, exhausted even and then come the guilty feelings. I know them well, believe me. I don't play with my kids often enough, I'm so busy doing all of the above mentioned that I'm not really listening to what my kids say. I'm often not "present" with my family because there is just not enough minutes in the day to accomplish all that must be done. I get angry sometimes and then take it out on my kids or husband and say things that I shouldn't say--then I feel guilty about that and have to do some serious apologizing. So, why do you see so much that is the opposite in my blog? This is why-- It's not hard at all for me to remember all of the "hard" or "guilty" feelings that I feel as a wife and mother. They are always there staring me in the face--telling me I'm not good enough. It's harder for me to remember all that is good--all that makes this life bring me joy. So now and again you may hear me lament about how bad I'm feeling but for the most part you are going to hear about the moments that bring me joy, peace and laughter. My blog is not a window into what my life is really like--it's a small view into what makes me happy so that when I'm having a really bad day I can sit down and remind myself of all that is good. I hope that my blog doesn't remind people of all their inadequacies as mothers but instead reminds them of all the good that motherhood can bring -- and maybe a few ideas of things that might bring you joy also in your own families.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Love Sacks, Anyone?

Last year I saw these cute "Valentine, chair backpacks" on the Pottery Barn web site and thought I'd whip some up. Well, a year later I finally got them done. They Velcro around the chair and allow each of us to sneak loves notes to each other during the Valentine season.
I stitched each member of the families name on the hearts and then did a blanket stitch around the heart. My sewing machine does a heart stitch so I added that to the envelope part. I did each boy's in red.
And each girls in pink--Of course!!!

Happy Valentine's Month!!!!

Old Talents--Revisited

When I was a girl I took several painting classes. I always loved to paint so when I was in Jr. High and High School I took a few more classes. I don't think I've painted anything since then (probably for 12 years). I decided that it couldn't hurt to try to paint a mural on Brinly's wall (after all--I could just paint over it if I didn't like it--right?) Well, months later the mural is done. Brinly loves it. If you could see the frogs mouth you would see greasy chap stick lip marks from all the times her and her friends have kissed it to see if it would turn into a prince.
I painted this sign because I want to paint a castle in her closet next and the "wicked witch" sign is pointing to my room (clever--yes!!!).

Anyway, this project was cathartic for me. It brought me peace and joy each time I got out my paints . A talent that had been hiding in me for 12 long years ready to burst out. So, I'm curious---what talents do each of you have lurking inside that you've put on the back burner due to time, making families, work, etc. Bring them back--I want to see them!!!!

My creations!!!!!

Since creating things of beauty is one of my passions, I thought I'd share of few of the things I've created recently. This is my friend Tausha's little guy sporting his "old fashioned" football helmet. I made a sweater to go with it out of the same blue yarn with football buttons to match.
For the past few weeks I've been making this little "Neapolitan Hat" with cherries on top in all sorts of sizes. I'm on my 6th one now. It's so sweet I can't get enough of it!!!
I've been telling my sister-in -law for years now that I would make her an ear flap hat to match my brothers. Well I finally got it done. It was a little late for Christmas but perfect for all of the snow that they've had since in Utah. This is my own creation of a University of Utah hat--I was quite proud!!!

I'm working on a few more projects and will post them upon completion! This is what happens when it's too cold to go outside!