Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Last night Cardon got his Webelos badge and his Arrow of Light. Since no one in BJ's family did scouting and neither of my brothers did scouting--we are new to this. I called the scout master the evening before the ceremony to ask if there was anything we needed to do and she said "YES!" Apparantly the Arrow of Light is a big deal and Cardon was supposed to be given a special arrow with a letter as well as a special board to mount it on--from his parents. This was news to me. I hate those moments as a parent-- when something important was supposed to be taken care of and we were going to blow it. So, BJ and I got busy. He got the wood ready and then I got it finished the next day--just in time to give it to him. Now that I understand the importance of the Arrow of Light I want to tell Cardon how proud I am of him. It took a lot of work to get this and he perservered and did it. Way to go Cardon!!!!!!

We have to take 2 of every shot because Cardon is in the stage where he has to make a funny face in every photo. So we compromise--1 good smiley shot, and then 1 funny face. I just had to put this one in there to document this stage in his life. Plus, it makes me laugh when I look at BJ.

Notice I didn't put the funny one of us. That's what happens when I am the blog master!

Way to go you crazy boy!!!!!