Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

What a beautiful day to celebrate Halloween. It was beautiful all day---we worked in the yard for most of it and then carved a few more pumpkins. The kids jumped on the tramp and swam in their anticipation to Trick or Treat.
Our friend and neighbor invited us over for witches fingers (little smokies with bread wrapped around them, bat wings (chicken wings), scarecrow teeth (corn) and spider sludge (applesauce). For dessert we all had her pudding cemetery. We had a great time--but then had to get back home and get into our costumes.
The house was decorated and BJ figured out how to have "The Great Pumpkin" playing on our window--a big hit!
One last picture and it was time to "Trick or Treat"!
Jace was all about it this year. He wanted desperately to keep up with the big kids and so refused the stroller. He was adorable and told everyone "Thank you and Happy Halloween!" I think he got the most candy just because people thought he was so cute.
Cardon looked wicked awesome if you ask me. He was so excited about the fake blood running down his face. He looked pretty scary but wasn't happy to have to stay with the little kids. Next year I think I'll have to accept him going with his friends. He's growing up!
Brinly was a witch and Amelia was a cheerleader. She had "Go Ute's" written on her face. That's what happens when the momma does the decorating!
Tons of candy was had by all!

What a perfect Halloween! Happy Halloween everybody!

Cardon's Last Football Game

Cardon's last football game was on Halloween. It was a bit chilly and really muddy. The coach had all the kids dive in the mud at half time so they'd stop playing lightly to keep their jerseys clean. It was a fun game to watch and they won in the last second. Cardon had a lot of fun (but wouldn't dive in the mud--who would've figured!)
Cardon played center for most of the season. He did a great job.
My new witches hat kept me warm.

My mom flew home just after the game. Cardon was glad she got to see him play.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween School Parties

Amelia's Halloween party was first--she was a cheerleader if you can't tell. She was so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa come to her party.
I was glad my dad came. It meant a lot to Amelia.
Amelia and Jace loved the dancing part.
Grandma Honey loves her Grand kids and they love her back!

Then it was time for the Elementary School Parade and Parties! It was freezing and windy--my poor mom with her little jacket!

The kids love doing the parade. Brinly looked so cute in her little witch costume.

Cardon wanted to be something really scary this year but the most I could do was a vampire. I don't like those scary masks.

They had treats

and played games

And then it was time to go home and get ready for pizza night, movie night. What a fun day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving and Leaf Raking/Jumping

Just before Halloween we spent the evening listening to spooky Halloween music while carving pumpkins and playing in the leafs. It was a beautiful day and me and my mom even went out and jumped on the tramp with the kiddo's. I love days like this spent with the family!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mystery Reader

Brinly's teacher is so much fun. Each year she has all the parents sign up a day to come in and surprise the students with a book to read and a treat to share with the class. When Cardon had her I signed up just before Halloween and wore my witches costume, read a Halloween book, and gave the kids pumpkin cookies--mingled with a witches cackle every so often (a talent I got from my mom). This year I signed up to do the same thing but it turned out that my mom and dad were going to be in town. So, my mom surprised the class in her Glenda the Good Witch costume and I came along in the Bad Witch Costume just for fun.
She read The Happy Halloweener Book and then gave everyone a gummy hot dog.

What a fun surprise--Happy Halloween Brinly!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grandma Honey and Papa Shoes Came to Visit

My mom and dad came to visit the week of Halloween. I love to make something special when visitors come if I can and I'd just gotten this adorable knit felted witches hat pattern. So, after I finished the hat I realized I couldn't just have something for my mom and not my dad so I knit him a University of Utah ear flap cap. It was so fun to have them on the guest bed when they got here. They fit perfectly!
My mom helped me get a plan going for my "secret garden" while she was here. We spent all afternoon cleaning up the yard to get ready for winter and then she bought plants to go in my garden for my Christmas Present. It was such a treat to have her expertise! I put her to work while she was here.
This is how it looked when it was all planted. She even got a fun water feature for me! I already can't wait for spring to see all the bulbs come up!
It wasn't all work---we did go out to eat quite a bit as well as enjoyed a few movies, a run along the trails, and even a pedicure. I love when company comes--especially family!
Grandma found Jace this adorable dinosaur costume for next to nothing and couldn't resist. He wore it all day while we shopped. It kept him nice and warm.

Jace loves his "funny" Grandpa. All the kids do. Grandpa always takes the kids to a movie when he comes into town. They love it!

I had an agenda while my mom was here. I wanted her to teach me all sorts of things. My mom is an excellent quilter---something I've never taken up. I decided it was time to learn. She took me to the fabric store and helped me to know what kinds of fabrics work well together and then we came home to get started. We worked and worked every waking minute until the minute she left. I'm afraid she needed a vacation from her vacation by the time she went home. But it was so fun learning from her. My mom is very talented--just love her if you can't tell! I'll show the finished product when it's finished (it's a Christmas quilt).

What a whirl wind--can't wait till next year when they come again!