Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Weekend Visitors

This past weekend we had the privilege of having Cardon and Brinly's friends (who happen to be siblings) over for Saturday and Sunday. Their parents went to St. Louis for a concert. We found out that on Saturday our local grocery store was having a free customer appreciation carnival in their parking lot. Our visitors--Derek and Abby had gone before and told us it was really fun. So, we headed over. First things first--they all had to get their hair painted green.

Then while BJ stood in an endless line for Jace to jump in the bounce house I took the rest of the kids to play all the carnival games. We got cotton candy, Popsicles, popcorn and played shooting games, throwing games, golfing games and even did the cake walk. They even had a game where you could win grocery store items. We came home with a box of Lucky Charms, a granola bar, skittles and 2 bags of hamburger buns--all for free!!!

That evening we watched a movie outside on the back of the house and ate--yes--even more treats! Cardon and Derek had fun building a jump outside to ride their bikes off of. It was a fun weekend had by all. Thanks for coming for a visit---Come back anytime!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

makin' Grape Juice

Today I got a surprise call. My friend Sara found some grape vines where the grapes were ripe and falling off of the vines. She called the owner and got permission to pick them. On a whim she called me to see if I wanted to pick grapes with her. I didn't have any plans so I put my clippers, gloves, buckets and kids in the car and met her at the grape vines.
We picked for about and hour and a half and had at least 2 big buckets full of grapes.
The kids helped pick grapes for a while and then when they got bored they ran around in the yard and ate apples from their apple tree. We've got to go pick those next.
When we were done picking the grapes we figured it was as good a time as any to make the grape juice. So we met back at my house and started steaming the grapes.
4 hours later we had 19 bottles of beautiful grape juice to share. Thank you Sara for thinking of me. Lets do it again next week when the rest of the grapes are ripe!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The First Day of School!!! Yea!!!!

Cardon is in 4th grade this year. I can't believe it!! The kids were so excited today. They are both happy with the teachers they got and couldn't wait to get out the door. Brinly was pretty in pink--pink skirt, pink shirt and even pink glasses. She kept telling us weeks before school started that she didn't want to go but after she met her teacher she was all excitement. She's starting 2nd grade this year.Cardon and Brinly get to walk with a friend this year so that makes me happy. The more kids the safer they are.Brinly got the same teacher Cardon had in 2nd grade so he pumped her up with how great she is. I think she's going to have a great year.Cardon got a teacher that was just married this past summer. After he met her I told him that he got a pretty teacher. He smiled and then blushed. It was cute!
Have a great day at school. I'll see you when you get home!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Powell Gardens Butterfly Exibit

Right before school started we went for one last adventure with our friends The Furstenau's. The Butterfly Exhibit at Powell Gardens was our destination. First we saw all of the butterfly's that were native to this area and then we went into the tent with all of the Tropical Butterfly's. The colors were amazing. The kids had sheets with all of the different butterfly's on them so that when they spotted one they could see the name of it.
The kids got to choose one thing to do that cost extra money. Most of the kids chose to have their faces painted.
The artist did such a great job.Cardon chose to paint a pot. When we got ready to leave he got to pick a flower to put in it. It looks beautiful on our back patio.Next we visited the craft tent. The kids all decorated antennae to wear while..............Jace learned all about the parts of the butterfly--my future scientist!!!!When we went to the tent wear you could hold butterfly's some were coming out of their cocoon. It was soooo cool to see.We all got to hold the butterfly's--that is-- all but Jace. He just kept telling me that they were "scary" -except he can't say his "R's" so it was really cute whenever he said it.
None of us had ever held a butterfly before. It was really amazing to see them up so close.Then we got to go out and catch insects. Amelia didn't catch anything but she had fun trying.
Cardon was really fast.
He caught quite a few little critters. Jace tried and tried but couldn't catch anything. He came over to me crying the saddest, most pitiful cry. The guy over the station couldn't stand it so he pulled a butterfly out of his net of collected insects and put it in Jace's net. It was a sweet gesture but Jace just knew he didn't catch that butterfly. Better luck next year, big guy!

We had such a fun day and ended it by running through the fountains. It was a perfect ending to a perfectly fun summer!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sound of Music

My good friend Tausha is performing in "The Sound of Music" at a local dinner theatre as the Baroness. She is an Opera singer and has an incredible voice. She's the one in yellow. A group of us went and ate a delicious dinner while watching the performance. It was such a fun night and knowing someone in the performance made it even better! Way to go Tausha!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to Real Life

After a LONG, LONG 19 hour drive from Utah to Kansas with stops only to go to the bathroom, get gas, and eat a quick breakfast at a rest stop we finally made it home. It felt good to be home.......UNTIL.........
I had THIS to take care of!!!!!! Back to Business, folks!!! Back to Business!!!!!