Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catching Firefly's

One thing that we love about living here in Kansas is the firefly's. My kids hadn't ever seen one of these lit up bugs until we moved here. The kids ran around the yard catching 30 plus firefly's in our back yard and then we watched them light up the jar. It was magical.

We of course let them go after all of the fun.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our 3rd Annual Dirty Duo

This year my good friend Corie joined me in the Dirty Duo. BJ hurt his back so at the last minute Corie agreed to run this crazy race with me.
A friend and colleague from BJ's work joined us with his wife. It was their first time and they were excited.

We made it!!!!!

Thanks Corie!!!! That was soooo much fun to do with you!!!!!

Cardon and Brinly did the kids version this year. It was Brinly's first time doing it and she did awesome!

They came in 2nd overall in the kids version and each won a Target gift card. Way to go!!!

What a fun way to spend a Saturday---getting a little exercise and then playing in the mud with my kiddos! I can't wait till next year!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

I took my girls to see the new Broadway Production of Little House on the Prairie at the Starlight Theatre--an outdoor Theatre. My mom made each of the girls a Pioneer costume a few years ago for a 24th of July Ward Party and they still fit so the girls decided to wear them . We stopped and picked up some Pioneer treats like salt water taffy and gingersnaps and headed to the theatre. Melissa Gilbert from the original Little House played Ma so it was fun to see her and reminded me of all those days growing up watching her as a little girl. I loved that show and it was fun to experience a reunion of those memories with my own little girls.

Blueberry Picking

Each summer I go pick blueberries with the kiddos. This summer I went with my good friend Olivia and her kids. There were tons of blueberries to pick and we enjoyed a treat, train ride, and playtime in the hay bells afterward.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad around. The kids each made him a card and then combined efforts with a hand made coupon book.

BJ inherited this tender way of saying "I love you" from his own dad--something I always love to see. I think he came up with this when his kids were embarrassed to say it in public. Thanks Howard--you're a great Dad yourself!
We ended the night with BJ's favorite banana cheesecake. Super easy and delicious!

We love you and hope you had a fantastic Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Activity Day Spa Day

Now that Brinly's 8 she gets to be part of the Activity Days in church. Her wonderful leaders planned a Mother's Day Spa Day. We got to give each other facials, paint our nails, and have a wonderful little lunch while the girls sang us love songs. She's so excited to be a part of this awesome group of girls. Thanks so much for a lovely afternoon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls Camp

I was asked to be the Girls Camp Director this year for our ward. After much planning and organizing the week finally came. I'd never been to this camp before and as it was run much differently than previous Girls Camps I'd been to--I had no idea what to expect. I learned one thing really fast---DO NOT PUT YOUR ELBOWS ON THE TABLE!!!!!! I learned this during our first meal in the cafeteria when Amy Stephenson (here cooking all week long) put her elbows on the table. What ensued after that was a very joyful song about manners and the consequence that followed. She had to get up on her chair and sing a song in front of everyone to remind her not to put her elbows on the table EVER AGAIN.
Each morning we had flag raising ceremony and it rotated among the girls to participate. During the day the girls certified, did crafts, swam in the pool, ate delicious food and were spiritually nurished.

We had lot's and lot's of games--some which included the mud.

And then the hike--I remembered this part! I learned all sorts of songs during this 6 mile adventure.

Our fearless leaders guiding the way.

Here are my valiant girls. They each had to give themselves a spy name since the camp theme was Mission Possible. Some of these girls as well as others in the cabin kept me up till 3 am. I realized during this week that I'm not as young as I once was.

I grew to love each of these girls this week and was grateful that each of them had this week to grow spiritually stronger in a world that is trying to destroy their spirit. My heart ached for the real struggles that they face each day. I learned this week that it truly is a challenging time for the youth and they need every bit of love and support they can get. I was honored to be able to give it to them this week. I look forward to watching them become strong women of the church.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scout Camp

Each year I get to spend a day with Cardon at Scout Camp. Last year we had a huge storm blow in on my day so my day got cancelled. So Cardon was especially excited to have me come this year. It's a great group of boys so after finding someone to watch all of my kids I was excited to spend the day with them.
I had a few other wonderful moms to spend the day with as well.

Brian Busby, the local weatherman came by to entertain the kids for a bit- he should be a comedian when he's not talking weather.

I even got to participate in the sling shot. It's fun to be a kid again.
These are some great boys!

What a fun day spent with my oldest kiddo--love you Cardo!!!