Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back To School We Go!!!!

This is a BIG year for Cardon. He's out of Elementary School and into Middle School. It's hard for me to accept it!!!! 6th Grade is going to be a big transitional year for him--Lot's of responsibility! He has 8 classes per day on an A/B day rotation. He has to wear P.E. clothes--I had to buy him deodorant!!!!!! Yes, it is true!!!! We went to the school a few days before it officially started to get him his planner and locker assignment. He thought I was the lamest mom ever for wanting to take a picture of him in front of his locker--So this is the best I got out of him. The lockers go in alphabetical order so lucky for him he is lockering next to one of his best friends--Brady V. We fiddled around for a few minutes figuring out how to work the locker. As Cardon practiced I looked around to see girls putting up wall paper in their lockers as well as magnets, mirrors, magnetized hand sanitizer, even mini battery powered chandeliers. I AM NOT JOKING!!! It's a whole new world! I told Cardon that maybe we should get him a little mirror just so that he could make sure that his teeth didn't have any left overs from lunch in them. He said he didn't need it. Boys!!!! Amelia was especially excited to find out who her teacher would be. All year in Kindergarten she couldn't wait for 1st grade so that she could stay at school all day and have lunch in the Cafeteria.

Brinly got the brand new 4th Grade teacher. She has just finished her schooling and was hired 2 days before "Meet the Teacher Day". Talk about stressful. She was so cute and energetic-I think she will be wonderful!

Amelia found her desk and got acquainted with her teacher. It's going to be a great year!

Cardon had to go to school the day before school officially began. 6th graders had to spend a couple hours learning the lay of the land before they were thrown to the wolves. He woke up at 5:30 am because he was so anxious and nervous. BJ was out of town so I didn't sleep very sound. I heard Cardon get up and go downstairs. I went to see if everything was OK. He was already dressed and ready to go. Now he only had to wait 1hour and 45 minutes for his ride to pick him up!!! He looked all grown up!

The next day Brinly and Amelia were off about an hour after Cardon, wearing their new school clothes--ready to go! Silly Girls!!!!!

I'm glad my girls are such good friends. I know Brinly will watch out for Amelia. I love sisters!!!!

Jace won't start school for a few more weeks. He got up anyway and took charge of Tucker. We walked the kids up to the corner and waved good bye. Today will be just me and him. I don't mind it one bit!

This year our neighbors have both of their girls at school. Ashley will be in pm Kindergarten and will get to ride home with the girls after school. We live in a great neighborhood full of wonderful people. I hope they have a great 1st day of school!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Last Family Outing Before School Starts--Deanna Rose

The Saturday before school started we decided to take the kids to Deanna Rose Park after lunch for a few hours. It's been the hottest and most humid summer ever and so we've mostly spent it at the pool. But it was overcast and not too hot so we thought we'd give it a go. We pulled up and sure enough the clouds parted and the sun beat down on us. It was going to be HOT! Oh, well. First things first--we bought a pass that included all of the activities (I never do this, so we only ever do the free things). The kids were ecstatic! They could finally ride the ponies. So we headed over to that FIRST.

Then we got to meet the new calf at the park and feed it some lunch.

Thank goodness they had some sprayers to cool off. After we were sufficiently soaking wet, we moved on.

This park is made into an old pioneer town. So, the kids learned what it meant to go outside and get some water. They raced to see who could fill up the bucket first.

I always love feeding the pygmy goats. They all crowd around the kids when they know that they are carrying food. It reminds me of when I bring out Popsicle's on a hot summer day and the kids all attack me to pick the color they want first.

Amelia's trying to look coy when what she's really doing is trying to avoid the goat from eating her shirt.

The gardens are usually full of beautiful flowers but the heat has been so bad I took pictures of my own beautiful flowers instead-my kids!

Cardon has a good sense of humor and went along with my proddings!

We took a walk in nature where it was a bit shady. Jace kept announcing that he was sure we were lost. We did find our way back around though--the big loop helped us out!

Jace will be in his 2nd yr. of pre-school this year. Right away he found HIS letter--J for Jace!

We ended the day with some delicious ice cream to cool us off. Happy summer kiddos-Now Back To School You Go!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ahhh! The Heat!!!! Must Go To Pool!!!

This summer has been the hottest, most humid summer of my life---and I lived in Arizona for 3 years!!! We had record heat and humidity this year--the hottest in 25 years. The worst part about it has been that there hasn't been any breaks. So, we have literally spent the entire summer at the pool. Everyday we get up, get our work done, have lunch and then head to the pool. I take a giant thing of ice water and all sorts of snacks and then we spend 4-5 hours playing in the water. Jace took swimming lessons this year and after 2 weeks he was swimmin'! He was so proud of himself--and he should be! Swimming is quite a feat!

Cardon loved to show me that he could throw Jace high in the air and then Jace could swim back to him. They would laugh and then do it all over again. It was a great brotherly bonding time together.

Amelia loved to show me her perfect float. She learned how to do different swimming strokes this summer but the float is her favorite. She looks quite dead, but she isn't.

Jace spent a lot more time swimming this year with the girls and Cardon because they loved seeing that he could do it and he loved showing them.

It's always fun to bring friends to the pool. Katie and Brinly are good friends.

I decided it was a good day to teach the kids some new pool tricks. When I was a kid we spent a lot of time at the pool each summer and I was especially daring. I could do all sorts of flips off of the diving boards. So, I figured I ought to teach the kids a few things. Each of them learned how to do a back dive off of the side of the pool. It was so fun to see one of them get it and then cheer on the rest with all sorts of advice.

Once they all had it down I had them do it all together! Thank goodness for digital cameras. It took quite a few takes to get this just right!

Then Cardon decided once he'd perfected the back dive to take it one step further--The Back Flip!!!!! He got it down and was quite impressive on his height!

My great friend Olivia usually accompanied me to our pool with her 3 kids---Aiden, Mia, and Jack. We spent many delightful afternoons here sipping our Sonic cherry limeades.

Here is the usual group. They are all growing up so fast. I hope that they will always remember the summer where life slowed way down as they swam there little hearts out!!!!

School is around the corner my friends!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cardon's Season End Baseball Game

For the last 2 years Cardon has played for the "Gators". It's been so much fun to watch him improve over the last 3 years of playing and this year was no exception. His team is great--lots of friends from school and the parents make it a blast. This season Cardon was soon recognized as the "Black Hole". He just seemed to be able to catch anything that came his way. They had a great season and went into the final game playing for first place. The inning started off slow with quite a few mistakes but Cardon got the 3rd out when a super high pop fly came his way and he caught it! Let me tell you--the crowds were cheering! The entire game was close and we were all on the edges of our seats every inning. I almost wet my pants because I couldn't bear to leave and miss a moment. BJ was the assistant coach this year. It was fun to see him interact with the boys and cheer them on. I felt pride in him as I watched him work with the team.
Most of us moms couldn't even sit down because it was such a nail biter. These are a few of my friends and baseball moms--Jennifer, Suzanne and Kathy with no nails left to chew on!

One of the parents got us this little good luck charm when they went to Florida this summer. Go Gators!!!!!

The boys always have fun in the dug out. I've never seen so much Big League Chew and Sunflower Seeds!

When all was said and done----WE LOST!!!!! We were all so disappointed in the outcome, but the boys played hard and had a great season!

Cardon got his trophy for 2nd place. There are good memories here on these fields this season.

Way to go Gators! You got'm next year!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th of July

This year for the 4th of July our Ward had a pancake breakfast. We spent the day before decorating bikes so that we could be festive for the bike parade. The kids always have a great time doing it and I always have to remind myself to let them do it by themselves. They did a great job! My face looks like if I poked it with a sharp object, it would pop. This record heat has caused this pregnant momma to swell up like a balloon. I already can't wear my wedding ring and I'm only 3 months pregnant. It better cool down soon or else I may run into some problems. The Bike Parade

Brinly was lookin' stylish in her peace glasses and 4th of July t-shirt.

Brinly rocked the gunny sack race. She is quite the athlete!

Cardon hooked up with Aiden for the 3-legged race.

They didn't quite get it down, but they had fun doing it!

Jace and Jack decided to be buddies on the tug-o-war.

Jace means business!!!!

Amelia and Mia

After the kids Tug-o-War it was time for the adult version. BJ got up near the front and worked those athletic legs of his.

I had to get in the mix too.

Later that evening we met friends to watch fireworks.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!