Friday, February 19, 2010

Father/Daughter Night

A week after the Mother/Son Night the school hosted a Father/Daughter Night. The theme was a 50's Sock Hop. The girls had so much fun getting dressed up. We played beauty parlor in my bathroom where we did hair, makeup and of course nails. They felt so pampered once they were ready.

BJ dressed up in his Letterman jacket. It was cute to see him in it. He used to wear it a lot when we dated in high school. I think I have a picture of him standing just the same way 16 years ago.
The girls had so much fun. BJ took them out to eat with some friends first and then they headed to the dance for some games, fingernail painting (again), glittery tattoo's, and lot's and lot's of dancing. What a fun night!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mother/Son NIght

I had the privilege of taking Cardon out on a date. The elementary school hosted a Mother/Son night so we met up with lots of friends for dinner and then headed to the school for the dance. We played Bingo in the library where Cardon won nearly 10 times and then headed to the gym for some dancing and games. They had a dance contest and Cardon and I made it to the final 3 contestants and then lost at the very end. Boy did I have to let go of any insecurities that night--only for my boy!

Cardon attempted to learn the Marcarena. He was lot's of fun to watch. We had a great night. It was so much fun spending some quality, alone time with my 1st baby--whose now almost 10!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sunday Cookie--Off

A few weeks ago we had a "Cookie--Off" and invited 8 or so families to participate. Here were the rules.
1st: Only the males in the household could participate
2nd: The cookie needed to be some form of chocolate chip
3rd: The women couldn't help--although they could taste to their hearts content
The competition was stiff--we have some bakers in this neck of the woods. Cardon came home from church wanting to make his own cookie. I was a bit nervous but told him I was fine with it although I couldn't give him any help. He felt confident--he comes from strong genetics in the male cookie making department -and I'm not so bad myself! He made a cookie with peanut butter, rice crispies, oatmeal, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. When everyone came he was so nervous. We did a blind taste test. I tallied up the votes. Cardon's cookie was labeled #4. I kept seeing that number over and over again as I tallied.
Cardon couldn't believe it---He came in 1st place!!!!! Looks like I'm going to need to spend a bit more time in the gym if I'm going to survive in this family!!!! Way to go Cardon--they were delicious!!!!!

Cardon's Pinewood Derby

This year Cardon had his second Pinewood Derby. He geared up to make a much better car than his first. He learned some tricks that would help his car go faster this year. He was excited to see if it worked. BJ and Cardon worked for hours together cutting, sanding, painting, etc. The big day came and he was nervous.The line up was pretty amazing!We were all there to cheer him on! He did great--He didn't win 1st, 2nd or 3rd--but his car did do better than last year! Way to go Cardon! I can't wait to see what you come up with next year!