Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brinly's Baptism

What a wonderful day spent with family in honor of Brinly's Baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We all enjoyed a delicious breakfast together that morning and then got ready and headed over to the church for the Baptism at 10am. Brinly was so excited to see all of her family and friends there to support her. She even had several friends from school come which meant a lot to her and to our family.

Brinly and Grandma Carol
Brinly with Grandma and Grandpa VanOrman
Brinly loved having Uncle Mike there as well.
The first of 2 white dresses I hope to see her in. My heart was full that day. I love my Brinly girl and was so proud of the decision she's made to follow Christ in her life.

It was so wonderful to see BJ use the priesthood and Baptize and Confirm Brinly. I'm so grateful to have the priesthood power in our home.

My sweet little bunch

After the Baptism we honored Brinly's decision and took her to the Plaza for a nice lunch at The Brio. She wore her white dress and just glowed like an angel. She was beautiful and everyone commented on how beautiful she looked.

Congratulations Brinly. We're so proud of you!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The T-Bones Game

Brinly and Amelia got to perform at the minor league T-Bones baseball game on the evening school got out. They were so excited but they were even more excited that they were going to get to see their Grandpa and Grandma VanOrman and Uncle Mike. BJ picked them up from the airport and met us at the game. They arrived just as they were going on the field.

They got all lined up and ready to go.
And then they did 2 dances. It was soooo cute!

Here they are shaking their tail feathers!

Way to go girls!

After the dances they finally got to see their Uncle Mike. They had so much to tell him.
Jace really got into the game--either that or he was eyeing the cotton candy guy.

It was so much fun having BJ's parents in town for the weekend.

What a fun evening spent at the baseball field with family!

School's Out!!!!!

Cardon and Brinly had a surprise awaiting them when they got home from the last day of school today. It's been a countdown for the last few weeks--not only is SUMMER here but today is the day Uncle Mike, and Grandma and Grandpa VanOrman are coming. We had to have a PARTY to celebrate! A sign was made saying "SCHOOL'S OUT...... SUMMER'S IN!!!!"
All the necessary items were bought....chips, watermelon, popsicles, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and of course water guns.
As the kids rode up on their bikes they could see the sign awaiting them. Time to PARTY!
They broke through the sign and then...........

I soaked them with my water gun! Don't worry--they got me back.

I filled this little pool with water so that we could use it to refill our guns.... So the water fight began! The kids were laughing and soaking each other when out of no where came..........
Our neighbor Tyler. He's home from college for the summer and decided to get in on the action. He surprised us all from around the front of his house with a huge water gun ready to soak some little people!

Brinly was ready to fight back!

They immediately all ganged up on Tyler and completely soaked him. I couldn't stop laughing!

Tyler finally got Jace to go on his side by bribing him with an even cooler water gun.

What a fun beginning to summer!

Cardon got invited to a 4th grade water party at a friends house down the street after our little party was over. Nearly all of the 4th graders were there and he said it was the funnest party ever. He felt so grown up to be able to go and come back all by himself. I was actually excited for him---He is growing up!
The girls are ready for some fun in the sun...... just like their mom.

We sat outside in our soaking wet clothes and ate a summer lunch. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best summer ever!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Honor to Cardon

All year long in Cardon and Brinly's Elementary school they have focused on Kindness. Both of them were in a Kindness Club where service projects were organized and kind things were accomplished. Each time anyone on the faculty saw a child do a random act of kindness they were given a link with their name on it and the links were joined and strung down the halls of the school. Today they had a kindness lunch and assembly outside of the school with all of the kids and their families to talk about all of the service projects completed and see how long their chain of Kindness had become. At the end of the Principles speech she said she had one final person to recognize and called Cardon to come up in front of the whole school and all of their families. She told the school that a few weeks ago Cardon was riding his bike to school with Brinly and a few neighbor kids when our neighbor Nicole crashed on her bike. She was cut up, and crying. Cardon told Brinly to stay with her and raced up to the school. He parked his bike, ran over to the Principal and told her what had happened and asked if he could go back and help her. He ran down the hill, helped Nicole up, then walked her and the bike up to the school where she could see the nurse. The Principal said it was the kindest act she had seen the whole year and then got choked up saying that if her child was riding their bike she would want Cardon with them. He was given the final link with his name on it to join the chain. BJ and I were sooooo proud of him--more proud than any academic achievement would be because this reflected Cardon's character--the person he is becoming when others aren't around to notice. I wasn't surprised that Cardon helped Nicole but boy we're proud of that guy! Way to go Cardon--I don't think you'll ever forget it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amelia's Pre-School Graduation

When I heard that Amelia would be having a formal graduation ceremony I thought that seemed a bit much---I mean--come on--they're in Pre-school. But I ate my words when all was said and done. Amelia loved it and it was so sweet.
They sang songs about being ready for Kindergarten. It was fun to see Amelia knowing all the words.
Then she got to get her diploma. Her teacher Miss Jan gave it to her and then the rest of the faculty shook her hand. Seems silly but actually very sweet.
She has loved Miss Jan for the last 2 years! She's the best!
Next it was time for cake. Each of the kids names were on it. She chose chocolate of course.

Then it was time to sign autographs. It was cute to see that each of the kids knew how to sign their name.

Even Miss Jan signed year books.