Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our New Member of the Family

BJ surprised us all with a cute little puppy this week. He is an adorable Teddy Bear (Bischon and Shihtzu mix) and will get to be around 10 lbs. We named him Tucker--I like to call him Lil' Tuck. I wasn't sure we'd ever get a dog but he has been so sweet and fun for the whole family. We love him already!!!!

Welcome to our family little guy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Jace's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my baby turned 3 today! The time has gone so fast. First thing this morning I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. He said "chocolate, with chocolate frosting and lots of sprinkles." So I got to work. My kids always get to lick the beaters by themselves on their birthday.It was a sunny snow day so we headed outside for some good ol' snow fun. The boys threw snowballs at each other and then threw them at us until Amelia cried "TRUCE"!Then we made a snowman.He turned out pretty great I think!Look at my sweet little 3 year old. He's wearing the hat I made Cardon when he was 3.Next it was time for me to get creative. So I made a snow babe, snow bathing.She's even got her sunglasses on and a little something to sip on when she gets thirsty. All she's missing is a good book!Then we headed to the Jumpin Jax for some indoor fun. The place was nearly empty and so the kids had the run of the place. It was great.Jace's best friend Shawn and family came as well. All the kids couldn't have been happier.When we got home BJ was waiting with pizza for dinner. Jace is very picky as far as food is concerned unfortunately but he likes pizza. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said he didn't like dinner--so we went with pizza.He was so excited to blow out his 3 yr. old candle. Make a wish!His Grandma Honey and Grandpa Chu Chu sent him some spider man underwear for his birthday---just what he wanted (for real). He's been waiting for months for this day so that he could get spider man underwear and start using the potty. We talk it up for months in our family but tell them they can't do it until they turn 3. So 3 is a big year. He can't wait to start this grand adventure---it's nice when you can turn something that can be difficult into a privilege.What a fun day full of family and friend fun. Jace was so excited to start playing with his new toys--he wouldn't touch his cupcake with lot's of sprinkles--crazy kid! Happy birthday big guy!!!! We love you!!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas Snow Day

The girls loved playing in the snow after Christmas. It was so fun watching them play outside with their friends Nicole and Ashley. There was a perfect hill outside for the 4 of them to slide down. They were out there for hours.

What a fun Christmas break.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

This year I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the kids and their stockings because BJ told them that they could get up early and open and play with only their stockings. Soooo...... by the time we got up the stockings were down, contents taken out, unpacked and played with. The stockings are always a big deal around this place.Then we got to the presents. The kids each get 1 present from Santa, 3 from us (symbolizing the 3 gifts given to Christ), cousin gifts, Grandparents gifts and an exchange to each other. There's plenty to open. It's so fun to see their reactions.Brinly got a makeup kit, 2 webkins, and a blow dryer with hair supplies. She's growing up!
Amelia got a fur real kitty. She loved it so much I can't remember what else she got.Jace got a pirate ship, a scooter, and a soccer net.Cardon got a swing for his room, spy gear, kinetics and the 4th Fable Haven book signed by the author. I always love to open the presents the kids made for me at school.This year BJ and I gave each other.........................Griddles. That's right..................Griddles. If you don't know the story ask me later but I will tell you that mine is going back.I always give each family member a gift of meaning. This year it was an especially meaningful gift to give BJ because I had to force my fingers to make this hat. I do much better making a U but for him I'll do anything! I must admit that blue does look good on him. Later that afternoon our neighbors came over for a candlelit dinner. It was wonderful. We love Kim and Cliff and their girls Nicole and Ashley. After dinner we headed downstairs for some Beetles Rock Band (a family gift from Santa) and enjoyed some play time. It was a wonderful Christmas Day!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is full of traditions for our family. Since we moved away from family we created a few of our own traditions. We always take the kids to an afternoon movie and then to dinner. We don't even decide where to eat until after the movie. This year we saw The Princess and the Frog (2 thumbs down) and then took the kids to Mimi's cafe for some good home cookin'. We were about the only people in the restaurant and were well taken care of. I love not cooking on Christmas Eve. It allows me to just enjoy my family and participate in the fun of the day.
When we got home all the kids got dressed up in their costumes for the nativity. BJ read the story of Christ being born in the Bible. He got teary as he read it as the kids acted it out. It was a gentle reminder of the spirit bearing witness to this wonderful event taking place. Cardon was Joseph, Brinly was Mary, Jace was a shepherd, and Amelia was an Angel--baby Jesus was played by one of Amelia's baby dolls.Then we watched the reenactment of this special day on t.v. We ate chocolate chip cookies that B.J. made for Santa--and us while we watched.Then Brinly got out the milk and cookies for Santa........

...but couldn't forget the reindeer. Earlier that day Brinly went to her friend Nicoles house to make some granola for the reindeer. They threw it out into the snow so they would be well fed while Santa visited our home.We read our final Christmas book. This is a special tradition. Each year I buy a Christmas book for each of my kids and write in the front of it about their past year. We have so many now that I line the stair case with them and each night starting from Dec. 1st we read one. They love to hear who's book it is and have me read about them. It's so fun remembering each stage of their lives. It's so easy to forget. This was the final book on the stairs.We started a new tradition this year. Cardon is now taking piano lessons and has learned Christmas songs this year. So, we stood around the piano and sang Christmas Carols together. I hope he keeps taking so that we can make this tradition permanent.This year was the first year the kids had ever witnessed a White Christmas. It started snowing on Christmas Eve and the kids were so excited--BJ and I were too. There's something especially magical about a white ChristmasThe kids each opened 1 gift and then it was off to bed!Each child was tucked in bed with visions of fairy plums dancing in their heads--and all that Jazz.

I love Christmas! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!