Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cardon get's cub scout award

Cardon got awarded his bobcat last night at church for cubscouts. BJ had to hang him upside down while I pinned it on. When he was right side up the pin was upside down----so in order for it to be turned right side up he had to do a good deed. He went and cleaned up all the chairs without being asked so before we left the building it was turned right side up. Way to go Cardon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Icecream and Hand Made Friends in Winter

This morning the kids got all bundled up and went outside to play in the snow. It's melting as we speak but they got in a good hour or so of snow play. Jace couldn't get enough of his homeade icecream.
I'm glad someone can enjoy the cold around here--actually in my family I'm the only one who doesn't!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside!!!

So if you were to see this picture in the movies you might think how appealing it
looks. Newly fallen snow, a cozy fire going, hot chocolate--nothing to do but stay inside and read a good book--Well, WAKE UP PEOPLE and join me back into reality!!!! It's -12 outside and I still have to go out and run errands with 2 little kids. It's not only really cold outside--it's painfully cold. I CAN'T GET WARM!!! Has anyone else out there noticed that as the temperature drops negative so does your attitude because BJ might want to steer clear of me until April! OK, I will stop now because I could go on and on and on. I must think of beaches and refreshingly cold Coke's with lime as the heat beats down on me and my good book ( that's so where I want to be right now!!!!!!). Happy January---NOT!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't laugh too hard!!!!!

It's really cold outside--arctic fronts blowing in! I needed a good laugh to warm me up. Needless to say---this did the trick!!!! We had just graduated from High School--I got my hair cut like an old lady and BJ still loved me (good man, oh very good man)!

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!! I seem to be a little behind with this blog but Happy be-lated New Year anyway! BJ and I had a New Year's Eve party where we ate plenty of delicious treats, played Rock Band, Wii Dodge Ball, and did some Karaoke. We had a great time!Here are a few pictures of some of the guests.
Caprice and Chris

Cardon, Brinly, Aiden, and Avery

Todd & Laurie

Marjean & Me

Ben & Sara

Valerie & Jeff

Most of us girls

Happy New Year!