Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

There off--they wouldn't even turn around so that I could get a good picture of them leaving. Have a great day at school, I yelled as they rode away as fast as their little legs could carry them.
Amelia has afternoon Kindergarten. She was so excited to go but also a bit nervous. It made her feel better to see Brinly coming back from lunch right her class started. Brinly ran over and gave her a big hug. I'm so glad Amelia has 2 siblings watching out for her this year.
My little "peanut" isn't so little anymore. She begins Kindergarten with 4 missing teeth.

Love you Millie, Have a great 1st day of school!!!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet the Teacher's

A few days before school started we got to go up to the school to meet the teachers. The kids are always so excited and nervous to see who they got. Cardon was holding on to one hope--He'd be fine with any teacher, just not "the yeller". Apparently in 5th grade there is a teacher that yells a lot. I guess he doesn't like all the yelling that goes on (I'll keep that in mind at home). He is a big 5th grader this year and so that means extra responsibilities like Hall Monitoring once a week, announcements over the intercom, a school musical to learn and perform. I can't believe next year he'll be in middle school!!! He was happy with the teacher he got--actually all my kids were happy with their teacher. Amelia couldn't wait for her first day of Kindergarten. She'd been asking me all summer--practicing her letters, coloring inside the lines, you know all the important Kindergarten sorts of things.

Brinly was so excited to see lots of good friends in her class!

School is just around the corner--How exciting!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Last Few Lazy Days At The Pool

This summer has been one of the funnest for me as a mom. All summer we had no plans, no vacations, just lazy days playing at the pool. Cardon had some baseball games and piano once a week but other than that we got up each morning, did our chores, spent some time doing our Summer School, packed our cooler full of cold drinks and snacks and then headed over to the pool for the afternoon. My 3 oldest can swim this year and Jace is very cautious to always wear his life jacket. So, I sat back with my book or magazine in a lounge chair and soaked up the sun . When I couldn't take the heat anymore I would get in the pool and play with the kiddos doing Turtle Rides and Cannon Balls into the deep end. It was just exactly the kind of summer I adore--Oh and the kids loved it too!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Temple Sealing

What a special experience I got to have this week. A friend of mine named Meggin (who since moved out of our ward boundaries) called me last month to let me know that she was going to go through the Temple for the first time with her husband (his first time as well) and be sealed as a family. She not only asked me to come but also asked me if I would be her Chaperon for that day. I'd never done that before but of course was overjoyed to say yes. BJ stayed home from work to be with the kids and I took off the day before the sealing to drive the 4 1/2 hour drive to St. Louis. My mom's dear friend Barbara let me come and spend the night at her home. She fed me dinner and we spent the evening catching up. It was really great to see her again. Early the next morning I met Meggin and her family at the Temple to be there for her each step of the way. After she took out her own endowments we spent time in the Bride's Room finding the perfect dress for her to wear as she was sealed to her family. The spirit was strong and I was so grateful to share in that moment with them as they made those covenants. I'm so grateful to be a member of this church and be sealed to my own family. I want to be with my family for eternity. That knowledge makes me try even harder to work towards that goal. What a great day spent at the Temple. Thank you Meggin for allowing me to be with you and your family on this incredible day!!!