Thursday, January 5, 2012

Harper Lily

Each day BJ would get the kids off to school and then take Jace to a friends house and come to the hospital. I cherished those moments that I got to spend with him alone with Harper. I was acutely aware that there wouldn't be many of them once we got home from the hospital. I love to watch Bj with our babies. He is unique in that he adores this newborn baby stage. He is very confident in taking care of newborns and has always loved that stage. When I watch him hold our babies I see peace and utter joy come over his countenance, and it makes me just love him all the more!
Look at those 10 tiny little perfect toes!!!!

I have a picture of BJ holding each of our babies like's tradition to freak me out!

What a sweet little sack of potatoes!

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