Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome Home Harper

Harper and I came home from the hospital on Friday, Jan.6th after spending 3 days in the care of wonderful nurses. I had so many visitors and each of them brought me what they knew I would appreciate the most----SUGAR!!! I couldn't have any sugar and very little carbohydrates for the last 8 weeks of pregnancy. It was an exceptionally hard thing to handle over Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. So, once I had her and my blood sugars leveled out I was free to eat whatever I wanted. I was so glad that I didn't have to focus on that anymore so I could give all of my attention to Harper. I made Harper 5 or 6 hats and had them all at the hospital with me. Each day I changed her hat to match her outfit. She was one stylish newborn. She came home with this cute little stocking cap on. I think it was 60 degrees outside so the hat was more for style than necessity.
That afternoon once she'd been sufficiently passed around by each of her brothers and sisters...she got her first bath. BJ gets this privilege as bending over a tub is out of the question after just having had a c-section. If I remember right he always does the first bath. The kids all wanted to help so it got a bit crowded in the tiny tub area. We managed though. I love that the kids all want to be a part of Harper's "firsts".

Once she was all dry Brinly got the job of lotioning her up and putting her in her jammies. She was in heaven. I think I may just have a built in baby sitter on my hands. She even told me she'd be happy to get up in the night and feed her so that I could sleep. She is loving every minute of this baby!!!!
I honestly can't get enough of those chops!!!!

Welcome home Harper! I think your gonna like it here!!!

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LL said...

she could not be any cuter! DANG--i want to snuggle her.