Tuesday, January 3, 2012


At about 3pm our good friend Marjean brought the kids in to meet this new little addition. They could hardly wait to see and hold her but mostly they wanted to know her name. They all had very strong opinions about what her name should be. Brinly and Amelia wanted her to be named Ivy Noel since she would most likely be born around Christmas. Jace desperately wanted her name to be Isabelle. Bj and I loved the name Charlotte and were pretty set that that would be her name but everyone of the kids hated it. So, once BJ and I decided on the name we agreed not to tell anyone, especially our kids, so that we wouldn't have anymore input on the matter. When they came into my room and each got a chance to hold her we announced her name........drum roll.......Her name is Harper Lily and to our surprise they all loved it!

I was especially excited for Brinly to hold Harper. She was the most excited for her arrival and wanted to be a part of every moment of the pregnancy. I knew she would be a huge help. I think she was almost as giddy as I was to meet her for the first time!

It's so wonderful to see all of my children together......now it's time to raise them!

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valerie said...

My favorite is the last picture.
How neat is that?
Look at all those precious faces.